One of best knock played in Cricket

This wonderful knock came against a strong team which has good bowling unit in a knockout game of World Cup.

It’s none other than Harmanpreet Kaur’s 171 off just 115 balls with 20 boundari...

Who is the best Indian cricketer who play (ed) inside out shot most elegantly?

What is “inside out shot” in a cricket.

“A stroke where the batsman moves towards the leg side and hits a ball around leg stump into the off side”

After reading this question I closed the ...

One moment of MS Dhoni that we will cherish forever

Spare me if I give you more than one moment-

1. Bowl out

14 September 2007, India vs Pakistan T20 world cup in Durban. It was his first ever match as a captain considering the previou...

Which position is toughest to bat in a cricket match?

In ODI I feel No 6 is the toughest position to bat.

We can take two kind of situations.
1st situation where a team scores 150/5 in 30 overs: In this situation the No 6 batsman comes...

Who is best among Virat, Root, Williamson, Smith

Virat, Root, Williamson, SMith these 4 guys are really amazing players in modern cricket. These guys can make anyone to fall in love on Cricket by their proper cricketing shots. 

Yes even other players also play some good ...

Best ODI game ever in cricket

South Africa vs Australia ,Semi final 1999

It was one of the thrilling match in the history of cricket.

Australia and South Africa had finished with same points in super six league ....

Difference between Dil-scoop and Mac-scoop in cricket?

Scoop shot is played to short pitched straight balls that would traditionally be defended or, more aggressively, pulled to the leg side. To play a scoop shot, the batsman is on the front foot and aims to get beneath the bounce of the bal...

Why do we love Virat Kohli

There are lot of things that we love in Virat Kohli, the first thing may be his kindness.

The one incident that happened in 2015 with Faf Du Plessis :

In the year 2015, the India Sout...

One advantage to Indian cricket players but not for other country cricket players

One of the biggest advantage that Indian players have is that, they can discuss about what delivery to bowl and the strategy even in front of batsman yet the batsman can’t understand what they are talking about.

Since mos...

Interesting rules of cricket

Penalty In Cricket:

If ball touches any equipment on ground which is worn by the player of the Fielding team five runs are awarded to the batting team . It is not just Helmet.( Dhoni gloves cost 5 runs...