Difference between Dil-scoop and Mac-scoop in cricket?

Scoop shot is played to short pitched straight balls that would traditionally be defended or, more aggressively, pulled to the leg side. To play a scoop shot, the batsman is on the front foot and aims to get beneath the bounce of the ball and hit it directly behind the stumps, up and over the wicket keeper. This shot, though risky in the execution, has the advantage of being aimed at a section of the field where a fielder is rarely placed — particularly in Twenty20 and One Day International cricket where the number of outfielders is limited.

Dil-Scoop is invented by Dilshan hence it got that name,  he kneels down and scoops straight over Wicket keeper.


Mac-scoop :
It is invented my Dougie Marlier and hence it got that name. He is the first player to play scoop shot in 1992. The Marillier shot is played over the batsman's shoulder to fine leg, but the basis of the 'scoop' stroke is for the batsman to go down on one knee to a good length or slightly short-of-length delivery off a fast or medium paced bowler and 'scoop' the ball over the head of the wicket keeper. 

The 'Scoop' shot is a risky shot to play as the improper execution of this shot may lead to a catch being offered.