Who is the best Indian cricketer who play (ed) inside out shot most elegantly?

What is “inside out shot” in a cricket.

“A stroke where the batsman moves towards the leg side and hits a ball around leg stump into the off side”

After reading this question I closed the eye and began to think who will play this shot beautifully and this guy dancing down the ground to play inside out shot ran through my mind at first.

It’s non other than Gautam Gambhir

Inside out shot can be played against spinner and Gambhir is an excellent player of spin. He can play against any quality player and in turning tracks with ease. Even Suresh Raina ran through my mind playing this shot. But when it comes to elegance and executing the shot Gambhir stands out top. He can pierce through the gap between long off and deep cover at his will by playing this shot. He won’t let the bowlers to settle down.

The second player that came to my mind is Suresh Raina. See the man's perfection and elegance !! ( Don't fall in love with his shots)

Now see the lovely and stylish follow through !! 

Rightly said ! Left handers are elegant !!

May it be sourav ganguly , gautam gambhir , suresh raina , brain lara , sanath Jayasuriya or kumar sangakara .