One moment of MS Dhoni that we will cherish forever

Spare me if I give you more than one moment-

1. Bowl out

14 September 2007, India vs Pakistan T20 world cup in Durban. It was his first ever match as a captain considering the previous match against Scotland got washed out.

Batting first India put up 141 runs on board and chasing it Pakistan too got the 141 runs and resulted in a tie which resulted in a bowl out to decide the winner. In bowl out 5 bowlers has to bowl and the bowler has to hit the stumps.

I thought that RP Singh, Irfan Pathan, Sreesanth will bowl the first three deliveries as they have bowled well in that match but Dhoni has other plans as he bought in Sehwag, Harbhajan and Uthappa as the bowlers. I was really surprised to see this decision as Sehwag and Uthappa has not bowled in that match and thought we are going to lose the match. Pakistan has chosen Arfat, Gul and Afridi who are their leading bowlers.

To everyone surprise none of Pakistan bowlers did not hit the stumps as their fast bowlers changed their run up and reduced their pace. But since India chose all three spinners they did not change their run up and their pace and they cleared up the stumps and India won the tied match. Dhoni taking up the captaincy and taking some bold decisions in his very first game to bring an exciting victory.

That time I felt that this guy gonna take some bold decisions as captain and bring us lot of victories for India. I can’t forget that moment Dhoni as a captain in his first match.

2. Believing in Joginder Sharma:

Pakistan needed 13 runs in last over. During a break, we all were thinking that he will ask Harbhajan Singh to bowl that over. But to our surprise, Joginder Sharma was holding a bowl. 

According to me, a true intention or belief doesn’t need to be spoken. It will be evident through your actions. India won the first ever edition of T20 world cup!

Thank you CAPTAIN for giving us almost a heart attack!

3. Giving trophies to youngsters:

From the very first day since I am watching Dhoni playing as a captain, I never saw him holding a trophy. He simply gave it away. Be it T20 world cup or champions trophy.

Thank you CAPTAIN for espousing selflessness!

4. Hitting a six in the finals:

After experiencing barrenness for 28 years, Dhoni gave us a reason to smile by finishing off in style. That helicopter shot will be last thing I wish to see before I die. I will wear it like a badge of honor for the rest of my life.

Thank you CAPTAIN for a world cup after 28 years!


Thank you CAPTAIN M S DHONI! World will remember you for carving beautiful memories.